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Tips for Maintaining Your Decks During Summer

It is once again time to welcome spring now that winter has already passed. In fact, it is that time that you enjoy outside your well-built decks outside your house. If you find that it does not look amazing which is probably because of the long winter, you need to take some actions immediately. Once you notice any faulty with your decks, it is right that you do the sprucing early enough. Here are a few hacks you can use to make your summer decks look brand new once again.

Cleaning the decks is an activity you need to undertake at once. Sweeping the dirt that is caused by debris is something that needs to be done. After sweeping, now you need to use a hose for spraying your deck down. That wooden plank and requires you to scrub them thoroughly. Power washing is a great idea for those individuals who do not like scrubbing. If that is your case, then avoiding high pressure is the advice you really need. High-pressure might seem to do fast cleaning but the results are damages on your decks which is avoidable.

The second step should be on removing any defective nails. After washing that is when you can see any defective nails. If there are any, then it is clear that your decks need to be maintained. If you have the necessary tools such as a hammer, then that means you are ready for the task and no need to call a deck builder. For any nails that keep popping out, it is better to use screws for their replacement. No one has all the time for nailing those stubborn nails after a few months.

The third task needs to be removing damaged wood. You need to use new wood for replacing the rotting and split wood. It is dangerous to have split wood since your visitors might end up having splinters. Again, splinters is nothing to joke with especially now it could cause injuries. Prevention has always been better than treating, and that is why you should act early. Any wood rot implies there are some infected boards that require to be removed.

Finally, this procedure is on staining, sealing or if you like it, painting your decks. For your decks to get a finished appearance, they need staining. If you need your decks to be protected from both water and sun, then you cannot afford to miss the staining process. You should never let your decks stay for more than four years without redoing their staining if you want to have them new still. You will never regret having decks if you are careful to use the tips given by the patio builder professionals.

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of ? This May Help

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